About Borg, our team and our story

If only size had been enough to save the woolly mammoth

For more than 25 years we’ve acted as trusted advisors to many clients, helping them to innovate, adapt and capitalise on changing environments – whatever their size.

The key to our success is trust and collaboration. We work closely with individuals and teams, taking the time to fully understand their objectives and putting together bespoke interventions to meet their specific needs.

We often hear that our design expertise sets us apart, and our hand-picked team of experienced trainers, executive coaches and facilitators work with our clients using multiple languages right across the globe.

We are not a franchise. We remain proudly independent and our commitment is always to our clients.


Of course, these are extraordinary and – for some – desperate times. Covid-19 has forced many industries to adapt and we too have evolved our approach in response.

Our team continues to provide the same tailor-made service – but in a virtual environment, for now. We are determined to maintain quality services and minimise screen fatigue so our work is highly interactive to keep energy levels up and engagement high. We are working right through this pandemic to support our clients to make faster high-quality decisions amid uncertainty and to maintain resilience at scale.

"My senior management team has benefitted enormously from coaching provided by BORG. They are very experienced but also innovative and good at identifying and supporting the specific needs of individual team members. I recommend the team at BORG wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of their senior management team."

"Requirements for my organisation were slightly out of the ordinary, something at which BORG excels. They catered for every objective and their suggestions and ideas were creative and on the mark."

"Working with the team at BORG has developed me into a mature leader ready to take on everything & anything that I come across. The skills learned are life and professional skills ensuring you personally develop to achieve more in your role and for your company. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jane and her team for so many years. If you have the opportunity to work with BORG please do not hesitate - you will not regret appointing BORG to guide you and your teams to achieve greatness!"

"I could not recommend BORG highly enough. I have used them to develop a team after a significant restructure. They provided a bespoke package of individual and team coaching using a variety of different techniques and consultants to achieve immediate results and engender lasting changes in mindset, behaviour and environment. Jane and her team have the ability to work across all levels of an organisation. I have also been involved with their tailor-made facilitation at executive level to successfully develop and enhance high performance. Their contribution has been invaluable"

"BORG has delivered high quality training and 1-1 coaching for our IB Analysts and Associates for many years. From the inception of working through ideas, through to involving the business to ensure relevance, the process is smooth and we are looped in at every point. All sessions consistently receive excellent feedback and I highly recommend BORG."

"BORG is a great company to have working on your side. They genuinely care about the success of their clients, and have a refreshing, down-to-earth, practical approach to helping you improve performance. BORG is always giving value, and Jane is one of those wonderful people that just makes life easier. Through personal experience, I trust BORG to have their client’s best interests at heart, and I will definitely be working with them again in the future."

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