I work in HR/L&D

You have two guiding priorities: to attract, engage and retain the best talent; and to build the diversity and capability required to support your organisation’s strategy.

You tell us that you want to be a respected partner in the business and a first-class stakeholder manager.

If you run an in-house model, you have well-honed training and facilitation skills. Enabling your workforce to be resilient to the current pace of change is squarely on your agenda and it’s essential to be agile and responsive yourself.

Maximising budget and the ability to show return on investment is your responsibility. You also recognise the importance of investing in your own development as much as supporting the development of others.

How do we support you ?

We work with you to develop your own professional competencies as trusted partners, stakeholder managers and in-house trainers and facilitators.

Experts at collaborating with you and your internal clients, we create inspiring and transformational interventions to support the business strategy, allowing you to put learning squarely on the map.

You ask us to work with you on projects as diverse as embedding a coaching culture into your organisation, enabling your CEO to deliver a challenging high-profile presentation or resolving the conflict within an underperforming team.

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What your peers say about working with BORG

"BORG has delivered high quality training and 1-1 coaching for our IB Analysts and Associates for many years. From the inception of working through ideas, through to involving the business to ensure relevance, the process is smooth and we are looped in at every point. All sessions consistently receive excellent feedback and I highly recommend BORG."

"BORG is a great company to have working on your side. They genuinely care about the success of their clients, and have a refreshing, down-to-earth, practical approach to helping you improve performance. BORG is always giving value, and Jane is one of those wonderful people that just makes life easier. Through personal experience, I trust BORG to have their client’s best interests at heart, and I will definitely be working with them again in the future."

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We bring enthusiasm and experience to every new challenge, fully aware that clients require contemporary and inspiring solutions that achieve real results.

As one of our greatest strengths is our willingness to listen, why not get in touch?

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