I am a Sales Professional

Your role has never been more exciting or more complex, given the pace of change, well informed clients, competitive and often procurement-led buying processes and complex stakeholder situations.

As a sales leader you’re focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best sales talent in the market. You want to set a clear direction for the team and enable them to refine their competence so that they can truly “fly”. Your secret weapon on this journey is a strong coaching culture.

As a salesperson, you need to be agile and prepared to make bold moves, to have a smart client strategy and to be able to differentiate yourselves from the competition by delivering real value and insights.

How do we support you?

We have partnered with countless Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 sales teams to increase revenue and profitability. Having spent over 25 years developing a profound understanding of what it takes to sustain performance in sales, we work with you to ensure that you are positioned for success in every environment.

We deliver contemporary training in sales and client strategy, selling, negotiating, pitching and presenting.

Our results-based solutions are specific to your objectives and tailored to your exact requirements.

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What your peers say about working with BORG

"Jane and I worked together on anchoring a coaching culture in a sales organisation. Through Jane's ability to see the dynamics in the organisation and especially in the senior management team, we were able to take a strategic approach to the challenge. Based on analysis and the development of a well argued case, the senior management team undertook sales coaching training, delivered training themselves at a global team meeting, and later acted as on the job sales coaches. Their buy in and involvement as coaches were vital to sustaining the change required. Jane was able to maintain helicopter vision during this process, whilst calmly enabling the senior management team to stay on track throughout this challenging process."

"I have had the opportunity to work with and be trained by BORG on several occasions in the last seven years and every time it comfortably ticked the value added box. BORG has a unique approach to sales and negotiation training; it is an approach that is effective and lasting. The level of research and the high quality of the instructional design work that goes into each session is just one of the reasons why global organisations continue to involve BORG’s sales programs annually."

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We bring enthusiasm and experience to every new challenge, fully aware that clients require contemporary and inspiring solutions that achieve real results.

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