I am a Leader

You tell us that it’s necessary to rethink leadership because of the pace of change, disruptive technology, multi-generational workforces, the high expectations of regulatory environments and the need to ensure effective governance.

You have strong, authentic executive presence and the competence and confidence to work with your team to anticipate the future in an increasingly unpredictable world. Having set the direction, you attract and retain the very best talent and provide outstanding coaching for your people.

Striking the balance between challenge and support, you create a positive, diverse working environment. Your people have voices that are truly heard and are able to perform at their peak whatever the climate.

How do we support you?

We work with you to establish your personal and professional objectives and verifiable outcomes. These might include exploring innovative working practices and career planning. You sometimes ask us to discretely support you in situations that involve challenging people or circumstances.

We run bespoke training programmes alongside transformational executive coaching for your key team members. In collaboration with your HR/L&D colleagues you ask us to run training that builds organisational competence in topics such as strategy, leadership, teamwork, presenting, negotiating and stakeholder management.

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What your peers say about working with BORG

"Working with the team at BORG has developed me into a mature leader ready to take on everything & anything that I come across. The skills learned are life and professional skills ensuring you personally develop to achieve more in your role and for your company. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jane and her team for so many years. If you have the opportunity to work with BORG please do not hesitate - you will not regret appointing BORG to guide you and your teams to achieve greatness!"

"I could not recommend BORG highly enough. I have used them to develop a team after a significant restructure. They provided a bespoke package of individual and team coaching using a variety of different techniques and consultants to achieve immediate results and engender lasting changes in mindset, behaviour and environment. Jane and her team have the ability to work across all levels of an organisation. I have also been involved with their tailor-made facilitation at executive level to successfully develop and enhance high performance. Their contribution has been invaluable."

Thank you for your visit

We bring enthusiasm and experience to every new challenge, fully aware that clients require contemporary and inspiring solutions that achieve real results.

As one of our greatest strengths is our willingness to listen, why not get in touch?

You can tell us about your challenges and opportunities and we’ll explain how we can help you to learn, evolve and thrive.